How to bypass Open Redirection Protection

Hi Guys, Here I’ll be talking about a nice vulnerability that I found couple of months ago in Linkedln. Before jumping into the vulnerability, let me quickly brief you about Open Redirection- Open redirection vulnerabilities arise when an application incorporates user-controllable data into the target of a redirection in an unsafe way. An attacker can …

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FTP Brute Force

We have another CTF challenges for CTF players that named as “Sunset: nightfall” and it can be download from vulnhub from here. The credit goes to “whitecr0wz” for designing this VM machine for beginners. This is a Linux based CTF challenge where you can use your basic pentest skill for Compromising this VM to escalate …

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I’m Back

Ok, Gw ga tau harus mulai darimana.. Tulisan ini juga mungkin cuman dikit yang baca. Tapi bodo amat.. hahaha Anyway, disini gw cuman mau ngasih tau gw bakal nyoba balik lagi sharing tentang apa aja yang gw tau, terutama di bidang IT. Dan situs ini juga gw jadikan sebagai alat latihan gw dalam menulis dan …

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